30k/60k/90k Maintenance

30k/60k/90k Maintenance | Cass Street Automotive

These services with their cryptic names reveal the most important milestones of your vehicles life. Manufacturers did not pick the intervals of these major services at random. They designed and built your car and they know what needs to be inspected and when. And as a consumer, this is the key you need to take from this: while there are certain items that will need to be done simply due to mileage, most of the service consists of system inspections to see if service is needed at all. For example, a vehicle that sees all freeway driving and is rarely driven in the city will not wear out brakes as fast as the city dweller that lives in Hillcrest. Our staff will carefully examine all aspects of your vehicle, and recommend services that ensure trouble-free operation until the next service interval.

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At this mileage, unless the vehicle is used in the most extreme ways (i.e. towing or off road/very dusty conditions) there is usually not much other than what the manufacturer recommends to service. As with every service, our shop has a certified technician examine the vehicle to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is starting to fail that may need attention. Most vehicles with staggered tire size (front tires not the same size as the rear tires) will most likely need to have the tires replaced if they have not been serviced already. And depending on driving style, the brake linings may need service at this mileage.


At this mileage, most cars get nearly all fluids changed. All rubber components like belts, hoses, suspension bushings and motor all need to be inspected for wear and deterioration due to exposure to ozone. The vehicle’s alignment should be inspected/adjusted because by now the roads around San Diego have beaten the car out of alignment. Not correcting the alignment can result in poor fuel economy and uneven tire wear. The shocks and struts will be tested to make sure the respond as designed. A weak strut or shock can cause the tires to wear and increase the vehicle’s stopping distance.


This is the most significant service in most vehicles’ life. On vehicles with a timing belt, this is the mileage the belt gets replaced on most passenger cars. It is critical that this service interval is adhered to because the belt cannot be inspected visually reliably. All other drive belts will also need to be replaced and the coolant hoses should also be replaced. This will prevent hose failure that could lead to expensive engine damage. Our shop also recommends the replacement of the engine thermostat at this mileage. The thermostat is a valve the regulates the flow of coolant to the engine, and if it fails can also lead to expensive engine damage. Any drivetrain component like a transfer case or differential will need to have the fluid serviced to ensure quiet operation in the future. At this mileage, my staff will evaluate the condition of the fluids and make recommendations based on manufacturer recommendations and our visual inspection.

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